Economic Indicators

Understanding the importance of each indicator means you are better equipped to trade smart.

Gross Domestic ProductAll Countries3 times per quarter
ADP Employment ChangeUSAEvery month
Business ConfidenceAustralia, EurozoneEvery month
CIPS indexUKEvery month
Consumer Price IndexAll CountriesEvery month
Current AccountAll CountriesEvery month
ExportAll CountriesEvery month
GFK Consumer ConfidenceUK, GermanyEvery month
Housing StartsUSA, CanadaEvery month
IFO indicesGermanyEvery month
ImportAll CountriesEvery month
Industrial ProductionGermany, Japan, USA, Eurozone, UKEvery month
Interest Rate DecisionAll CountriesEvery month
ISM indexUSAEvery month
IVEY PMI indexCanadaEvery month
Leading IndexAustralia, USA, JapanEvery month
PMI indexCountries from the EurozoneEvery month
Producer Price IndexAll CountriesEvery month
Retail SalesAll CountriesEvery month
Retail Sales less autosUSA, CanadaEvery month
Tankan surveyJapanEvery quarter
Trade BalanceAll CountriesEvery month
Unemployment RateAll CountriesEvery month
University of Michigan ConfidenceUSATwice a month
Zew IndicesGermany, EurozoneEvery month